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Sylar/Elle Fic Fest II

Sylar/Elle Fic Fest II: Revenge Of The Fic
January 16, 2010-TBD

Back in March of 2009 we had a ficfest to great success and it seems like we're way overdue for another one. All the prompts must be Sylar/Elle, though if you want to prompt Sylar/Elle+Guest, that's perfectly fine, as long as our two favorite psychopathic killers are involved.

*sidenote: we're allowing Zach/Kristen prompts to be left for this as well*

Prompts are left in the comments (anonymously or not is up to you). If someone scrolls by and sees a prompt that sparks their creativity, they'll write a comment fic for it. Simple right?


You can leave as many prompts as you want. Any type of prompt can be left. Fluffy, angst, cracky, kinky, whatever floats your boat. Please thank your writer after the prompt is written.

Multiple fics can be written for the same prompt. And just so we're clear, multiple authors can answer the same prompt.

And let's play nice people. Some prompts posted may not be your cup of tea so just move past it and find something else you like. Also, none of this claiming prompts business. Comments found to be rude or whatnot will be deleted.

Also, if you're tacking on another person or two to a smutty/kinky prompt, please make sure they're at least the age of consent, that is they are at least 16 years old. (ie Micah, Molly, Lyle)

Prompts Posting Format
Somewhere along the lines of this would be preferred:

Gabriel/Elle - He takes her out on a real date, brings her flowers and candy

(See, it doesn't have to be smutty!) You can even get more descriptive with your prompt. That might even be preferred for some authors because it can be easier to work with more details.


Some people are shy, that's perfectly understandable. We're allowing anonymous posts for the fic fest. Prompt givers can opt to be anonymous or just post under their username. Same goes for the writers.

And after it's all over, if the anonymous writers want to reveal themselves, go for it!

So start requesting away and let's make it epic!

Pimping banners can be found here just change the url linking back from the old fest to the one linking to this new one.
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