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Welcome to sylarelle , the very first community to be fully dedicated to the pairing of Elle Bishop and Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray from the NBC hit series Heroes.

For any thoughts or ideas, leave a comment in our suggestion box. For personal questions, please pm one of the moderators catyuy, chosenfire28 or faded_facade. We're really nice and promise not to bite, though if you rock we might be tempted to steal your brain.

FEATURE: the very first Sylar/Elle prompt table! Claim it HERE, and have fun ;)


1) All posts must revolve around Elle Bishop, Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray or the actors that portray them. This means RPF is allowed as well.
2) Future!fic including Noah Gray, or revolving around him, is allowed, as long as there is mention of Gabriel and Elle as his parents in the story.
3) Please use LJ tags and cuts for entries that include spoilers, large graphics (previews are okay) and fanfiction. Only moderators can add tags, so if you're still waiting for an author tag, please wait until the moderators do so, or contact them if it doesn't happen. There are a lot of entries posted every day, and the moderators aren't super human (yet).
4) All fanfiction needs a header, specifying the title, whether or not the entry includes spoilers, and the rating.
5) No bashing or flaming will be tolerated. If you have issues with certain things posted here, never underestimate the power of kind words.
6) We do not condone or support any attacks made against the cast and crew of Heroes. While voicing your opinions in discussions is fine posts made solely to launch any sort of campaign against the cast and crew will be deleted.
7) Do not make any posts bashing the characters of Heroes. We support the show and while its fine to bash whatever character you want in a fic (we can’t stop that and don’t want to) do not make any posts to do this. This includes the characters of Maya, Claire, and Luke. This is because while some people may not be a fan of them they are others that are and they are a part of this community as well.
8) Any promotions or announcements for other communities/boards/challenges must be approved by a moderator first. If your promotion to the community is not approved it will be deleted, you can then however ask one of the mods to approve it and repost. This does not include any promotion for our sister community sylelle_chall.




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